De Securitate et Defensione

O Bezpieczeństwie i Obronności

No. 1(3)/2017

ISSN 2450-5005

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Zbigiew Ciekanowski, Henryk Wyrębek
Modern information technologies – opportunities and threats

Antanas Makstutis, Laura Makštutytė
The optimization of human resource: the trends of national security

Aleksandr Zakharov
The impact of migration processes on environmental protection

Siergei Novikov, Aleksiej Pulik
Some aspects of participation of citizens in the protection of public order from crimes committed by migrantsмигрантами

Bąk Mariusz
Features of dog candidate to police in patrol-trackig category

Brejdak Paulina
Legal security based on the definite character of tax regulations

Kalinowska Danuta
Preventive education with use of artetherapy elements implemented by the Command of District Police in Garwolin

Krzemińska Agata
The care system of Estonian veterans

Liśniewska Helena
Isolated personnel recovery – new direction in the military forces of the Republic of Poland

Smaga Daniel, Mazurek Marcin
Specifics of tasks of Polish Police towards terrorism

Stempień Marta
Jihadism and quasi-states. Functioning of „jihadi states” in the international space – comparative study

Wierzbicki Marcin
Place of the police in a social life

Timur Andrievskii
Hybrid war: nature and basic strategies

Zych Joanna
The Israeli concept of pre-emptive strike and preventive war

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