okładka nr 3
De Securitate et Defensione
O Bezpieczeństwie i Obronności

No. 1(2)/2016

ISSN 2450-5005

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Vladimir Romanov
To the question of how to achieve national security during the eve of globalization: problems of theory and practice
in the context of Russia’s and Poland’s foreign policy

Nikita Setov

Security problem in neoclassical realism

Agnieszka Szpak
Safety of soldiers. Should tear gas and blinding laser weapons be legal weapons? Remarks in light of the technological progress

Jacek Bajorek
Protection and security of personally identifiable information in organization

Diana Brzezińska
The issue of „hacking tools” in polish criminal law

Anna Czubaj
The place of individuals in modern understanding of security

Damian Jarnicki
Kremlin superpower awakening in the possible configurations of new international order

Anna Lasota
Women police service in the republic of Slovenia as a symptom of feminization of police units in the European Union countries

Joanna Makowska
Role of the crisis management in the national safety management system

Olgier Kos, Hanna Sienkiewicz-Kaya, Sylwia Zakrzewska
Patriotism in the face of modern threats

Irina Pikuleva
Sovereign bankruptcy

Aleksiej Pulik
Parliamentary control as a means of ensuring national security on the example of Russia

Aleksandr Sakowskiy
Instruments of regional policy as a method of increasing the efficiency of public administration

Marcin Wawrzyniak
Privatization of military security sector

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