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Security and Defence Journal

De Securitate et Defensione

The Journal is published since 2015, biannualy by Institute of Security Studies 
Faculty of Social Sciences of Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities (Poland).

ISSN 2450-5005

Our goal is to promote original scientific work and integrate scientific, academic and expert society.

Scientific problems raised in the De Securitate et Defensione
are dedicated to general issues of security and defense. Published texts concentrate on description and explanation of multidimensional phenomenon of secuity and defence.

The aim of the Journal is to undertake an interdisciplinary debate and exchange scientific views of the young and more experienced
scientific community. The work can be both empirical and theoretical. We are not limited to a single description, explanation and prediction
perspective, but we hope that the magazine will be a place of holistic scientific discourse and exchange of views of the scientific community related to security and defence.

Editorial board reports that the journal does not have a paper version, therefore all publications posted on the site are original (reference) versions of Journal.

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